Days From Evil

by Jagged Spiral

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Originally written as score for an indie vampire movie, Days From Evil is the debut studio album from Minneapolis 'Northern Rock' band Jagged Spiral. The album was released online for free in Winter of 2007. The CD release party was held in July 2008 at Club Underground.

Songs on the album range from the acoustic ballad of Lament (part ii) through the gothic dark-rock of Monsters and Not Enough Bullets all the way to the angry metal of Let It Out and I Am Death, songs that Icelandic dockworkers would listen to while tricking out their Dragon Boats.

With such a diverse group of sounds, you may want to click through the tracks to find something that clicks with you…


released December 21, 2007

Josh Kattelman - Percussion and Backing Vocals
Colin Mallon - Rhythm and Lead Guitars
Conrad Zero - Lead Vocals, Bass and Programming

Recorded at Zerovision Studios, Minneapolis, MN
Mastered by Reid Rejsa

Album cover art by J. Stuart Johnson




Jagged Spiral Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Forced Entry
Something is out there. Outside the walls of this place
Hiding in the dark. Waiting. Watching, Planning plotting
You can't see it Can you feel it?

And one day when the moon is just right
It rises up in the cover of night
It comes around to find / And it comes around to feed

What you thought was real is not real
What you thought was true is not true

It only comes to me at night. Tries to get inside my head
and I sweat with terror and fear as I lie wide awake in my bed.
And outside the world goes by, while we go about our lives living the lie

And all this time we thought we knew. But what we thought was real is wrong. And the time is coming to tell that I've been right all along

Can you feel it?
It sees you
Can you feel it?

What you thought was real is not real.
What you thought was true is not true.

I've been waiting here a long ass time. Scratching at the walls. Crawling on the floor. Listening to it walk up and down the narrow hallway just outside my thin wooden door. Somehow In between the chemical haze of Haldol and Thorazine I'll find a way out / away from that thing / away from this place

How long have we been blind to the media lies the thinly disguised silly compromises that feed the fantasy in the back of our minds
And turn us into the very things we despise

We have no right to be surprised
When the times call for a hero to rise

What you thought was real is not real
What you thought was true is not true

The nightmare isn't here yet but it's coming
Nothing can keep it out
Track Name: Monsters
I asked if there were monsters.
"There's no such thing" they said "There's nothing inside your closet, or underneath your bed"

"Now dry your eyes and go back to sleep. It's all inside your head."
I know that parents don't mean to lie, but I think they were misled

But I know better now - the stories get in the way
It wants us to believe - the lies the people say
Mama tell me how - to make the monsters go away
Cuz killing things that don't exist - that must be ok

Can we say it without lying, that there's nothing in the night?
Can we tell the kids there's no such thing when we turn out the lights?

So when they ask if there are monsters, I tell them, "Not for too much longer...not for too much longer..."
Track Name: Hallowed Ground
High - Speed - Away from the black
You - Know -There aint no coming back
Driving - faster - as the sun goes down
Hallowed - Ground - Will not save me now

(Stay in the light) Watch out behind you(Stay in the light) It comes out after dark(Stay in the light) It runs in the shadows(Stay in the light) It knows where you are(Stay in the light) Ride for the sunset(Stay in the light) Fear the night(Stay in the light) Watch your back(Stay in the light) Stay in the light

How - Fast - can I fly from the fear
Speed - Kills - the monster's getting near
Time - Flies - and the lights fading out
Hallowed - Ground - Will not save me now

You'll never be safe sitting still. You got to move once you learn the truth. You got to fly, I think you'll find that's where the spirit lies, crashes, burns, dies.

I'm all out Acceleration will take the place of peace and quiet
Adrenaline will take the place of patience. And I'll hold the pedal to the floor till the engine gives up. So to you, who wouldn't listen
To you who couldn't see. You'll get what you deserve. You can't outrun the darkness. No one can outrun the darkness!

Shadows - Crawling - daylight retreating
Darkness - Feeding - on the light I need
Racing for the sun as it falls out of the sky
Hear the clock tock-ticking as the world goes by
I don’t know where I'm going but I can't slow down
And Hallowed Ground won't save me now
Track Name: Run
Hey now not so fast, time to end the game at last
You should know you can't hide from your past
(Nowhere left to run to anymore)

All the things you tried to leave behind
Lead you here, and now you find
Time has come to draw the line
(Nowhere left to run to anymore)

Where is it you think you belong?
Whats the point of going on,
When everything has come undone?
(Nowhere left to run to anymore)

Cantcha see there's nowhere left to go?
Noplace safe here anymore
Nothing left to call a home
(Nowhere to run to anymore)

And there's nowhere left to run to anymore...

Run! With all the strength you have to give
Run! Like you really wanna live
Run! Like you know what you're running for
(Nowhere to run to anymore)

Run! With all the strength you have inside
Run! cuz theres Nowhere left to hide
Run! To get back to the way things were before
(Nowhere to run to anymore)

Can you hear me? Can you see me? Coming up behind you
Are you frightened? Can you tell me, How Fast Can you RUN?
I wanna know now, what's it feel like? What's the fear like, building up inside you?
Are you excited? Can you tell me, how fast can you RUN?

Hey now not so fast, time to end the game at last
You should know you can't hide from your past
(Nowhere left to run to anymore)

All the things you tried to leave behind
Lead you here, and now you find
Time has come to draw the line
(Nowhere left to run to anymore)
Track Name: Let It Out
What's inside me? Tries to drive me.
Turn and face you. Time to let it out

An emptiness to fill with blood, and I can't seem to get enough
The sinking, spinning, drowning cold. The metamorphosis takes hold
The sickness burning inside me, eats at my humanity and leaves behind the beast inside, and all that once was me has died.

Fever burns me. Hunger turns me.
I will bleed you. Time to let it out

Coming for you. Right behind you.
Look in my eyes. Time to let it out.
Track Name: Lament (part ii)
With ghosts surrounding here
and memories circling
The past is always clear
I remember everything

All the things I've done, All bleed into one

In the dark I see them
And in the quiet I hear them
They call to me

I'm the storm that takes away
in a war that I designed
Memories never fade
of the ones I left behind

Was it 'kill or be killed' they say?
Does it matter anyway?

In the dark I see them
And in the quiet I hear them
And now they're singing

Can I change the life I lived?
And Reconcile Regret?
It's too late for forgive, and I cannot forget
What have I become? My God what have I done?

In the dark I can see them
And in the quiet I can hear them
And now they're singing

and they ask me why
Track Name: Not Enough Bullets
There's a fire inside that’s lighting my way
It’s a torch for something that was taken away
And it's burning me up, but that’s OK
There's a fire inside...
...and it's lighting my way

There's a voice in the darkness that’s calling my name
There's a path before me, and I can't turn away
Like a moth drawn into a candle's flame
There's a voice in the darkness...
...and its calling my name

There's not enough bullets to put out the fire
Not enough bullets to set things right
Not enough bullets to fill my desire
Not enough bullets for my guns

There's not enough bullets to kill all the pain
Not enough bullets to set things right again
Not enough bullets in the whole wide world
Not enough bullets for my guns

And I won't stop, each one I put down
Brings back another piece of this godforsaken town
Another piece of my life that I can't live without
And I wont stop...
...until the fire is out

But we can certainly try,
If that’s what you'd like
One at a time
Get in line...
...and die
Track Name: I Am Death
I am death
I am shadow
I'm the hangman, waiting in the gallow

I am death
I am steel
I'm the weapon that cannot be concealed

I am death
I am fire
Unsympathetic, glowing object of desire

I am death
I am pain
I'm assassin, who cannot be contained

I'm the fever burning in you that is tearing you apart
I'm the poison in your bloodstream that will slowly stop your heart

I'm the bullet in the chamber waiting for my chance to run
And I'm staring at your temple down the barrel of a gun

I'm the noose around your neck that holds your body off the ground
I'm the weight under the water that pulls you down

Nothing can touch me
Nothing can save me
Nothing can stop me, I am death

Soon you will see me
Soon you will know me
Soon you will meet me, I am death

Nothing can save me
Nothing can stop me
Nothing can kill me, I am death

I have no mercy
I have no sympathy
I set your soul free

Killing's what I do
It's a sin that I'm good at
Track Name: The Last Song
Smoke, rising from the ashes
Repercussions of our actions
Moving in formation
Across the battlefield
Blood fills our footsteps.
Fills up our bellies.
We never tire, never hunger, never die, we never yield.

We don't stop.
For bearings or directions
Instructions or corrections
Leveling the mountains
Burning up the woods
Nothing here can stop us
I wish that something could.

We leave nothing
Turning everything to darkness
Spreading like a cancer
Across the countryside
You ask us for mercy?
Death will be the answer.
Nowhere you can run
Noplace you can hide, Noplace you can hide

Destroy me? Just try me.
Come here and see what's inside me
You want me? Come get me
Step up and we'll see what you're made of

Destroy me? Just try me.
no chance for you against me
You want it? Come get it
You're shit when you stand beside me

All your bullets and your blades
And your rifles and grenades
And your soldiers and crusades
They won't stop us

All your weapons and your hate
All your crosses and your faith
All your fancy armor plate
They won't stop us

Genocide is our religion
We will hunt you to extinction
You aren't even competition
You can't stop us

We will hunt you by the tens
By the hundreds and the thousands
You cant stop us

Do you think that you can win?
Do you know what you have done?
You may think you stopped the nightmare
But it's only just begun

Now the battle line is crossed
And the Fates are being cast
As a thousand more just like us
Are now rising from the ash

Don't you even think of hiding
And you aren't running very far
We'll be bathing in your blood
By light of dying stars

Because now we know your weakness
And we know where you are

War may take me down
But I will not die alone

Drowning in the water
Back again tomorrow
Burning in the fire
Back again tomorrow